Kwekerij de Noordpoel carries the GardenXperience product line. This brand is intended to make these high quality plants easier to recognise by customers and consumers. It also stands for inspiration, service and a guarantee.
Floramedia was asked to develop a visually recognisable concept.
In close cooperation with the client, a clear design and website were designed. The concept is based on ‘the grass is always greener,’ which can be used as a thread throughout in all communications to give the brand more momentum.

The project

In order to turn the label ‘GardenXperience’ into a true garden experience, the garden, rather than the plant, became our starting point. This was then translated into inspiring template gardens, along with instructions on how to create them.


one of the largest Dutch nurseries in the field of display products

This typical Dutch family company has a reputation for high quality plants for the international market.

What makes the project unique

The saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’ was used as a starting point. The message focuses on neighbours admiring each other’s gardens over the fence and this is clearly evident from the new website gardenxperience.com.

This modern, full-responsive website is a clear communication channel based on this theme and developed by us.

Our company and staff are deeply involved in the welfare and success of our customers, which makes doing business with Floramedia both memorable and beneficial. Floramedia offers green communication solutions with a direct and efficient service.

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