Green Trend Journal 2019

Floramedia, industry leaders in communication and print media for the green market, have launched the first Green Trend Journal on 24 May. The ‘Green Trend Journal 2019’ is a follow-up to the Green Trend Report 2017/2018, released last year, and provides an update on trends in the green sector for the coming year.

Green Trend Journal – Trend update for the green sector

As a grower, it is no easy task to stand out in a highly competitive market. Floramedia wants to help its customers achieve this through market intelligence, in the form of trends. With the ‘nanotrends’ described in the journal, Floramedia can advise companies in making the right choices to develop their products into strong brands. The journal serves the same purpose as the Green Trend Report of 2017/2018: advise green companies about their position in the market, inspire them to shape their own vision of the future, create and produce new labelling and packaging concepts for flowers and plants, and, as a result, successfully reach new target groups.

Five green trends in the spotlight

In the journal, Art Director, Judith Klute, together with her creative team of designers and stylists, discusses the trends that will emerge in the international flower and plant market in the coming year. The Green Trend Journal illustrates the social movements at an even more detailed level. With text and images, the new trend update leverages five nanotrends to go deeper into the megatrends of Urbanisation, Aging and Technologisation described in the previous report. In addition, the trends are supplemented by data collected by our own market analysts.

Thoughtful format

Even the journal’s format itself can be described as unique. The Green Trend Journal 2019 is published on one folded sheet of sustainable FSC paper and the shape takes into account minimum cutting loss, which means that we produce hardly any waste. The Journal also fits exactly into the interior of the Green Trend Report 2017/2018, for added convenience.

“There is a new generation of consumers who need local, sustainable products with a good story. Whoever wants to have a role in the future will have to adapt”

– Art Director Judith Klute

Environmentally aware

According to Art Director Judith Klute, there is a green revolution underway. With online sources of inspiration such as Instagram and green blogs and vlogs, a new generation of green consumers has emerged, and that new generation has different wishes and needs. A company in the green market can no longer close its eyes to sustainability. That’s why the journal devotes a lot of attention to recycling, upcycling and sustainable materials. Any company that wants to have a role in the future will have to adapt.

Floramedia Colour Forecast 2019

New in the Journal: Floramedia’s Colour Forecast 2019 nominated “Dynamic Yellow” as colour of the year. This special tone of yellow appears in the journal in all nanotrends and represents optimism and energy, and stimulates mental activity. Dynamic Yellow as a ‘green’ trend for 2019 brings positive energy back to society.
Data, trends and research as a starting point for new green concepts
Data and trends are the ideal combination for creating new green labels, concepts and brands. As a result of the Green Trend Report, many new flower and plant concepts have been rolled out together with Floramedia. The Green Trend Report, together with the latest update, the Green Trend Journal, forms the ideal basis for formulating new, inspiring labels and brands for the green market. Research at Floramedia is always carried out beforehand to understand the target group and to present the right concept to the right audience. This results in a combination of data and trends that seamlessly complement each other, which greatly increases the chance of market success.

For more information, images or interview requests with one of the journals creators, please contact Marjet de Boer,, +31 (0)75 647 6411 or Suzan Hendrikse,, +31 (0)75 647 6568. Or fill in our contact form to get in touch.

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Image: Floramedia Studio

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