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and reference guide for the green market release a new large-scale study for a unique green sector report

The Dutch love succulent plants

The Dutch have replaced their geraniums with succulents en masse. Floramedia, communication specialist for the green market and owner of – one of the largest gardening websites of the Netherlands – has carried out a study of over 300 consumers and thereby obtained unique insights into the importance of plants and flowers in the home and the relationship between people and plants. The study was conducted to create a unique document for the green sector: the Green Trend Report. This is the first trend report for this market that both highlights the trends and supports them with figures and data. Floramedia presented the report on April 25th at the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam.

Results from the study

Among other things, the study showed that 8% of the elderly still have geraniums on their windowsill, while more than 53% have opted for succulents. Succulents are also most popular among the younger generations: a whopping 73% of respondents own one or more succulent plants. The study also provided information about how the Dutch place their plants. It appears that we enjoy house-plants in nearly all areas; 5% of respondents even place plants in their washrooms. Among cut flowers, roses and tulips remain most popular; people over 60 are most fond of roses while younger audiences still prefer a tulip bouquet on the table.

A first by Floramedia for the green sector

On April 25th Floramedia presented the Green Trend Report to professionals from the green market. The audience included growers, breeders, exporters and wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and retailers of gardening and green related products. The report is the first of its kind in the green market. It is the first report developed for this sector that shows trends on the mega, macro and micro levels, as well as supporting quantitative data.

Floramedia’s experts and designers illustrate the trends that will leave their mark on the European green market in the coming years. They link inspiration and information to new, relevant developments in the field of green, such as urbanisation, ageing and technology. Research shows that the presence of nature around us is becoming increasingly important; green is thus no longer mere decoration, but a necessity of life. With this report, Floramedia inspires and helps colleagues to give shape to their vision of the future, creating new concepts and reaching new audiences.

The Green Trend Report will be published once every two years.

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Trends on mega,
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