When relevant customer content

meets visually stunning plant imagery

We have an extensive database containing the details of approximately 18,000 plants, including information about flowering period, colour, height, etc. We use this information for plant labels, etc., and increasingly for internet applications too. Take our FloraLinQ app, for example. This application links a plant label to online information about a specific plant. On the FloraLinQ website we can show rich content, including photos and videos. We can also use this website to exploit cross-selling opportunities, for example tips for plants that work well together, or for fertilisers. As an informative service at retailers in particular, plant information is very valuable for green consumers. How about a plant finder on your website, allowing site visitors to quickly and easily access plant information? This feature adds extra flair to your website and gives consumers an extra reason to regularly visit you online.

extensive database
of 18.000 plants
diverse applications:
from plant labels to online apps
information inspires
cross-selling your products
valuableĀ plant information
results in higher website visits
want to share it with the world?