Plant labels that make your products even more beautiful

Attractive designed plantlabels

means more attractive products

How do you make a great product even more attractive to your customers? With an attractive photographic plant label, of course! Show who you are and what you stand for. The right photographic label gives a high quality look and feel and makes your product that bit easier to sell to the customer. Floramedia ensures you have the most beautiful designs that reflect you and your product. Behind our designs are knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. We understand the market like no other, and know just what is needed to persuade the customer to buy your product.

Flexible customisation

Our methods are clear and efficient. You know what you want, and we know what is possible. Together, we arrive at the perfect result: eye-catching labelsthat convince your customers to buy. For starters, we have an extensive database full of beautiful images and up-to-date (botanical) product information. We make the choice easy for you! What’s more, we always use the latest graphic design technology to create whatever it is that you had in mind. The options really are endless. Do you want a plant label with your own design? No problem. Our designers see that as extra motivation to create something truly unique, just for you. Once the design is complete, we ensure first-rate production quality, too.
Another great benefit is that we are very flexible when it comes to print runs and delivery.

Choose from thousands of plant labels

Plant labels can take many forms: push-in labels, hanging labels, handles, wrap-around labels. In total we have thousands of different shapes and varieties available, so the sky is the limit! It goes without saying that all our plant labels are weather-resistant and hard-wearing.

Our hanging labels are available in various shapes and sizes. The die cutting machines are ready and waiting. Take your pick from our die cut catalogue and we will get straight to work on the design. If you can’t find a die cut to your liking, we can of course create a unique design for you, to your exact tastes. At the end of the process, our plant labels will be easy to attach to your product with an elastic. We determine the type of elastic, the length of the loop and the kind of packaging in consultation with you.

Make an impact with useful handles

Handles are not only functional, they bring added value to the look and feel of your standard (bedding plant) trays. Your customers will be immediately drawn to your product and will see at a glance what you want to communicate. At Floramedia we do whatever it takes to deliver the perfectly finished product: you can choose from various lengths, widths, and designs, plus an array of options, from blank and standard designs to your own corporate style or a look and feel to specifically target your customer. You can, of course, process our handles with the packaging in your automated production line.

beautiful designs
that suit your brand
convince consumers
with eye-catching labels
choose from thousands
of plant labels
impact with
useful plant handles
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