Colourful and informative pot covers

sell themselves!

What would your customers prefer? A plant in a bare pot, or a plant in an attractive and colourful pot, complete with information? Exactly! Make your pot colourful, attractive and environmentally friendly. That is the simple and most cost-effective way to make sure your plant stands out.

Make sure your presentation is tip-top

A colourful pot is an inspiring addition to your product, so it more quickly attracts the attention of the customer. What’s more, you can use the pot cover to provide extra information to the customer. That is great for sales, and for your pockets, too. And it hardly takes anything to achieve! At Floramedia we have everything you need to create the right cover for the right pot.

Your own design?

We can of course use our extensive range of standard options to create the perfect cover together with you, but if you like, we are also perfectly happy to create a unique design to your taste. Choose your preferred shape and size and it will be ready to use in no time.

attractive and
environmentally friendly
extra information
adds to the attention value

Wide range of attractive materials

We can produce your pot covers from a range of materials, the most common of which are PMF and polypropylene.

  • PMF is a special paper developed by Floramedia. It is very moisture-resistant and above all, suitable for smaller pot sizes and indoor use. We can add a finish to it after printing to make your product even more attractive, for example with a gloss or matt foil, with all-over UV coating or even spot UV coating.
  • Polypropylene is stronger than PMF and we have it in various thicknesses. This material is 100% waterproof, so you can easily use it for several seasons, even outside. We can make pot covers from this material in all shapes, from a simple pot decoration to a useful handle. How about adding a finish to your pot cover, such as TTC, foil stamping or scented ink? That way, your product will really come to life!

Give your flowers or plants the best presentation possible and give them their own distinguishable pot cover. Or even better, add a plant tag, or push-in tag to make them even prettier and more informative! Do you have any other creative ideas? Give us a ring today, and let’s talk green.

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