Make your product even more sustainable with the right materials

The appearance of your flowers and plants isn’t just about the design, so much about the look and feel depends on the choice of material. Floramedia offers a range of sustainable materials that makes for environmentally conscious decision making.

Materials that match your flowers, plants and brand

The right choice of material has a big impact on the kinds of messages your product sends to customers. For example, we can use a luxury material for a premium appearance or a degradable material to underline your sustainable ambitions. Whatever your selling, there’s a perfect matching material and Floramedia has the knowledge to make this connection.


Make green greener

Our 4 sustainable materials



The biodegradable B500 from Floramedia consists for the most part of cellulose. The material is FSC®-certified and 100% renewable. The bio-based coating on both sides ensures that B500 is reasonably water-resistant. This makes the material suitable for multiple applications within the green sector.

B500 is easy to recycle in the existing waste streams so that valuable raw materials are not lost.


Bio-based plastic

The complete bio-based ECO35 from Floramedia is a good ecological alternative for plastic plant labels. The renewable material is made from sugar cane and, thanks to properties such as high stiffness, flexibility and a great tear resistance, it is very similar to the current PP and PS.

ECO35 is not compostable, but it is highly recyclable, which means that the raw material can be used again and again.


Recycled plastic

The 100% recycled polypropylene and polystyrene (RPP and RPS) from Floramedia have a range of sustainable uses and are just as effective as their virgin plastic counterparts. The quality is high and these green newcomers are a lot more environmentally friendly.

RPP and RPS as fully recycled materials, are a step in the sustainable direction and contribute to a circular economy.

Our other materials

Cardboard & Paper

We have cardboard and paper in all shapes and sizes.

Good to know: we are fully FSC® certified. The international, independent FSC® label ensures that raw materials for wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests, with full attention for the people and animals that depend on the forest.


This material is widely used for click labels and labels that need to be folded.

We offer it in the standard thicknesses of 0.28 mm, 0.39 mm or 0.48 mm. However, we strongly recommend choosing the more sustainable RPP, from 100% recycled polypropylene.


Polystyrene is often used for plug-in labels because it is easy to poke directly into the ground.

It is available in 0.39 mm or 0.48 mm thickness. In the context of sustainability, however, we advise RPS, made from 100% recycled polystyrene.

Would you like advice on which material best suits your brand and products? Let’s talk.

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