A dynamic discussion with your customers

via our cross-media communication platform

Tuinen.nl makes it possible to enter into dialogue with your customers. This online platform is a true community, where you can provide information and receive direct feedback from users.

To this end, we have a range of tools available:

• editorials
• advertisement banners
• collaborations with bloggers
• quizzes and contests
• inspirational and instructional videos
• editorial product placements

We are of course also very interested in your own ideas about how we can capture the minds and hearts of your customers and increase your organisation’s turnover.
We assume that the editorial integrity of our online medium will be retained, because at the end of the day, the credibility of our platform is a major asset, for us and you.

into dialogue
with your customers
a range of tools

A new Tuinen.nl in the works

We are always moving forwards and in March 2016, a brand new version of Tuinen.nl is launched with even more inspirational pages and apps, gardening tools, opportunities for interaction with the community and an improved search function. If you would like to stay up to date on these developments, sign up for our newsletter.

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