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Floramedia is increasingly focusing on making packaging and labelling material for green products more sustainable. We want to use as many methods and materials as possible, not only to provide plants and flowers with the best, but also the most sustainable and environmentally friendly promotional material.

Around 15 years ago, Floramedia started researching and testing sustainable materials that can replace the traditional plastic plant label. Meanwhile, new, more sustainable alternatives have become available for many applications in the green market.

That is why we are happy to share our knowledge and information with you about our sustainable options and our own sustainable business processes.

“It is my opinion that we, as market leader, are morally obliged to
tackle plastic consumption. One of the objectives is to eliminate the use of newly mined fossil raw
materials by Floramedia by 2030. We have both the knowledge and the desire for this.”

Joris Verweij, CEO of Floramedia


Floramedia has launched its first white paper on sustainability called: OUR GREEN WHITE PAPER – Sustainable materials for plant labels.

By sharing our knowledge, we want to give the green sector better insight into the sustainable possibilities and the four alternative materials for plant labels that we have available.


With current knowledge, Floramedia primarily opts for recycling and not for composting or degrading.

In order to be able to offer a suitable sustainable solution for every type of label, Floramedia now has four sustainable materials in its range: B500, Eco35, RPP and RPS. For more information, please get in touch.


Floramedia has its own production company where many beautiful products are made.

During a production process it is inevitable that waste arises. But what does Floramedia do with this waste and how is it kept to a minimum?


We work for and in the green market, so sustainability is self-evident for us.

That is why our green business process includes a very strict waste flow policy and we are ISO and FSC® certified. We continuously work on improving our business processes in order to make a positive contribution to a better living environment.

Our experts in the field of sustainability
Michel Braan is Product Developer and Sustainability Expert of Floramedia

Michel Braan

Product Developer

“At Floramedia, we are pushing the boundaries of new materials and are continuously working to develop a more sustainable label for our customers.”

Lars Deden is Product Specialist R&D and Sustainability Expert of Floramedia

Lars Deden

Product Specialist R&D

“Floramedia opts for the biobased materials ECO35 and B500 because the materials are made from renewable raw materials. B500 is also compostable and degradable. Both materials can be recycled well into the existing waste stream. As a result, valuable raw materials are not lost.”

Ronald Bakker is Quality & Process Manager and Sustainability Expert of Floramedia

Ronald Bakker

Quality & Process Manager

“Use labels, reuse the material, but don’t lose the raw material!”


materials are also an important factor in this, and especially sustainable materials. That is why Floramedia has set clear goals as first steps toward a more sustainable green sector.

One of our objectives:
“Floramedia aims to ensure that by 31 December 2030, 100% of our total worldwide sales of labels
will consist of RPP, RPS and/or renewable materials.”

Floramedia offers green communication solutions with a responsible, efficient and direct service.

Our company and its employees are passionate about creating industry leading, sustainable products that answer the needs of clients as well as the environment. This means working with Floramedia becomes both the ethical and business choice.

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