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Creative and innovative communication concepts help our customers to be the best they can be in a competitive sector. In today’s green market it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. With this mindset, Floramedia helps its customers gain a strong market position.

Through a range of print solutions and extensive knowledge, we are able to support our clients with original communications solutions.

plant labels
stock products
POS and promotional products

Producing and developing print products requires special techniques and equipment, not to mention an eye for detail and outstanding craftsmanship. Floramedia has years of experience in print production of all types of materials and sizes and through this we have become experts in producing complex print products. We can help our customers with the perfect realisation of green communication ideas and print products.

We can guarantee the highest quality in label printing, the production of cardboard packaging, large format digital printing, special finishes or simply organising your logistics. Assurance processes underlie all of our manufacturing activities, as we always work according to ISO9001 standards.


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Floramedia understands the power of plants to connect people, unite cultures and enrich daily life. Today we stand as one of the world’s leading producers of successful green communications. Breeders and other companies in the green industry have been welcoming Floramedia and its products and services into their companies for nearly 80 years.

And now we proudly welcome you to discover our four worlds.


Floramedia has great experience and knowledge about specialised plant images and horticultural plant information. These comprehensive, high-quality plant images and plant content enable our customers to present a vibrant and professional identity. Our imaginative and descriptive plant content is consistent, inspiring and of exceptional quality.

Floramedia has a professional photo and video studio, with its own 1200m2 greenhouse to create the most visually stunning custom botanical content.



Strategy and creativity build the foundation of any good brand or product. These disciplines of Floramedia form the start of a successful product or store concept.

In addition to that, knowledge and skills have become an essential part of the creative process. Using a sophisticated strategy with unique creations, Floramedia can connect you in new ways with your target audience.


We conceive, design, build and commercialise green online solutions as well as convert existing e-commerce platforms. From a full-service approach, our marketers, interactive designers and web developers create your online green success story.

From idea to operation, we are always on hand to support you throughout the whole process.


Our company and staff are deeply involved in the welfare and success of our customers, which makes doing business with Floramedia both memorable and beneficial. Floramedia offers green communication solutions with a direct and efficient service.

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