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Repellent plants

By 11 January 2017News

Have you ever had pesky insects at home?

Getting rid of mosquitoes

There are a couple of plants the little creatures do not like, and even better, there are some plants which eat them. To get rid of mosquitoes, there are a number of plants they really dislike. Take rosemary, equally great for cooking and repelling mosquitoes.

Effective plants

This is the same with mint, it is perfect in tea or a cocktail, but mosquitoes, flies, beetles, ants and moths are not at all fond of it. African marigold and lemongrass are also repellent plants. Do you have catnip for your cats? Not only will your cat love it, but so will you; it is very effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Carnivorous plants

Also very useful to have in your home, are carnivorous plants. These plants derive some or most of their nutrients from trapping and consuming animals. These are mainly small insects like flies and spiders. They lure insects with nectar bribes and each have their own way of catching their prey.

Catching flies

The Venus flytrap catches its prey with its leaves. When the tiny hairs on their inner surfaces are triggered by an insect, the leaves form a trap. The trumpet pitchers and the Darlingtonia Californica operate in a different way. They are both in the family of pitcher plants, which lure insects with nectar and use their elongated, tube-shaped leaves to catch and digest them.

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