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By 28 December 2016News

Did you know foil is a very versatile compensating for your products?

In the past

In the past, foil was only ever used on expensive products. Nowadays, it is very affordable, but still gives an exclusive and luxurious look.

Printing with foil

Foil can be applied onto packaging in a very subtle way, and through this, certain elements of your label, pot cover or plant packaging really catch the eye. Even the smallest letters or accents can be printed with foil. Do you want to exclude other aspects for extra attention? Large areas are also easy to print where accents can be left unprinted. Also the use of other printing techniques can be combined with foil stamping, for example embossing.

Colour combination

Besides gold and silver, there are countless colours available for you to choose from, we have the colours both in metallic or matt. We can even use holographic foil. There is a foil and colour combination for every customer.

Case study

As a case study, one of our Dutch clients has won first prize for an exhibition stand thanks to the foil stamping of Floramedia! They used a lovely purple foil in this stand which really made the audience take notice and remember what was being communicated.

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