Prioritise your promotion

and prioritise your product!

All products need promotion to maximise their sales – both in the shop and beyond. It goes without saying that if all aspects of a promotional campaign work well together, you will achieve the best result. Floramedia makes sure that your promotional materials stand out positively and support each other. That way you can expect the maximum impact for every pound you spend.

POS materials with stopping power

Having an impact at the point of sale is essential. Make sure you always choose striking displays and images that make an impact. That way, you influence the purchasing needs of customers and stimulate impulse purchases. This can be achieved in various ways. Special POS materials are one example. How about a large banner inside or outside the shop? We create a range of materials for you, whether or not in a frame. Facades and lorries are also the perfect media for your message and we will add the lettering of your choice.

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maximum impact
influence the
purchasing needs
higher yield
per square meter
consistency inside
and outside the shop

Retail displays

Island Displays are an attractive way of presenting your products in the middle of the shop or on the counter. We produce fully customised displays, determining everything in consultation with you – from the shape and size to the choice of material. We are happy to take the design and set-up off your hands completely. And the added value for you? A higher yield per m2.

Consistency inside and outside the shop

You can also take full advantage of promotion beyond your point of sale. Get off on the right foot and make sure your promotion is also perfectly in line with your shop communication and your marketing targets. Our designers can tie everything together. We are just as happy producing your creative catalogue, brochure, mailing, or leaflet, as your corporate style, website or app.

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