Signs for a bright green future

Green Trend Journal – Trend update for the green sector

It is no easy task to stand out in a highly competitive market. Floramedia wants to help its customers achieve this through market intelligence, using our industry knowledge, UK and European network and worldwide links to monitor current and predict future trends.

The ‘Green Trend Journal 2019’ is a follow-up to the Green Trend Report 2017/2018 released last year and provides an update on trends in the green sector for the coming year.

Our green world is moving

Our green world is moving at an accelerated pace, and so are our everyday lives. From lifestyle changes to broader reaching and sometimes turbulent events that influence all of us. The challenges of the upcoming year drive us to make considered choices. By themselves, the availability and quality of plants and flowers is no longer enough to make a difference in a competitive green market.

Developing your brand

Both the Green Trend Report and the Journal contain important information that can help you gain an idea about your position in the market, inspire your vision of the future, create and produce new labelling, packaging and brand concepts and as a result, successfully reach the right audience.

Nano trends

The Green Trend Report described what influences our behaviours, captures our aspirations and impacts our industry. For 2019, we’ve selected 5 nano trends that are signs of a changing society. These trends represent some of the most important influences to the zeitgeist in the years ahead.

Looking forward

More so than in our previous report, our research in the Green Trend Journal took us on a journey where technological advancement and evolving social norms constantly intersect to play a big role in the year ahead. From our experience, Floramedia is the right partner to discover which trends and developments will influence the success of your product.

Are you ready to develop your passion into a brand that’s ready for today’s green market?

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