Innovative concepts

illustrations and animations make complex messages clearer

Both online and in printed media, clarifying illustrations – used to bring statistics to life for instance – are commonplace. More and more plant and garden retailers are attempting to explain certain processes and sell services by employing illustrations and animations.

The advantage of an illustrative storyboard or animation is that, in contrast to a ‘live’ video or interview, anything is possible.
Want to show the life cycle of a 100 year old tree in five seconds? Want to visualise flowers growing at the north pole? Want to race a camera over the surface of a giant strawberry as though it was a rocket? Want to show the processes of your commercial seed production or quickly take your customers through the process of placing a product into their online shopping basket? Illustrations and animations make it all possible.  We develop our animation and illustrative concepts in three steps:

clarify processes
within your company
selecting the approach
together with you
your message into
an illustration or animation
entertain while informing
your customers

1. Determine the message

We do not just get straight down to animating. First, we have to define exactly what it is you want to say and who your audience is. Will we be addressing laymen, or professionals? Where does the target group look for information? What do you want to achieve with your message? Do you primarily want to be informative, or are direct sales your objective? Only once we have everything mapped out can we properly move on to the next step.

2. Story line and storyboard

This step is very similar to all other creative processes. Before we get to work, we produce a schematic overview of all the points you wish to address. We discuss style and sketch out suggestions. In this phase, we are translating the complex message into an accessible, amusing and enduringly informative visual story.

3. Development of the final product

Now the final phase begins: the real drawing and programming work. Our designers and illustrators develop the story using concrete illustrations and/or animations. This process is the result of everything that has been discussed with you in advance and as such, nothing in the final product should come as a shock. That said, our customers are often pleasantly surprised by what they see during the final presentation. The same is also true of the target group, because from scholar to student, everyone prefers to listen to a clear and enthusiastic story than a complex presentation full of boring information.

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