Targeted communications that can always be fine tuned

means control over your online advertisements

According to the Advertising Association, in 2015 UK advertising spend saw its biggest increase since 2010, rising 7.5% to £20.1bn. UK internet adspend increased 17.3% to £8.6bn, with mobile optimised advertising alone rising to a total of £2.6bn. These figures place the UK as the largest internet advertising market in Europe, ranking third globally, behind the US and China.

Make wasted marketing money a thing of the past!

There’s an old saying in marketing circles that for every pound spent on advertising, half is wasted. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell which half!

Fortunately with the rise of targeted online advertising, it’s a joke that no longer applies. When you choose to deploy a digital advertising campaign in partnership with Floramedia, you can precisely measure its effects. You’ll know exactly which online formats are generating returns for your business, and where best to focus future advertising spend. Furthermore, you can refine your communications by specifically gearing your campaign towards a particular target group or consumer promotion.

Make the most of your advertising budget by working with our online marketing experts

only reach out
to your customers
measure your
campaign results
knows your clients
committing to
growth, together

Committing to growth, together

We provide more than just the right media channels for your online marketing, we are also able to aid you in designing, planning and strategically managing your campaigns so that you can advertise your products online with measurable success. If you think this sounds like a good idea, click here to contact us!

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