Multi-Slot from Floramedia is an innovative new fixing for slot pots that securely holds a label in place, enables one fixing to fit multiple pot types and allows a thinner material to be used and therefore less plastic, without compromising on its size or function.

Simpler – fits a wide range of pot slots
Greener – reduces plastic use



Multi-Slot fits a wide range of pot slots, avoiding the usual need for a bespoke fixing for each specific pot. View a full list of pots that Multi-Slot will fit here.


Reduction in plastic use is an important environmental consideration and the clever engineering behind Multi-Slot means a thinner material is used in its production, without compromising how securely the label fixes to the pot.

Multi-Slot can be supplied as the traditional on-edge fixing or as an in-face fixing and there are two sizes of Multi-Slot currently available:

  • Standard (Multi-Slot S) – to fit 2.5cm (approx.) sized slots
  • Large (Multi-Slot L) – to fit 4cm (approx.) sized slots

Want to know how Multi-Slot works? Watch our video

Simpler and Greener
For multiple pot types
Uses less plastic
Fits securely
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