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A winning product catalogue draws in the consumer with a fine balance of design aesthetic and offering as much information as possible. With our extensive experience with catalogues, we are always able to strike just the right balance between clear structure and unique graphic design. That way, your catalogue has a unique look and feel, easily recognisable and valued by your customers.

all information
conveniently bundled
look and feel
of your own brand
integration of info
with your webshop
Multilingual for
greater efficiency

The synergy of printed and online media

To make your customers’ lives easier, we can set up an online version of your catalogue alongside your printed catalogue right from the start. That makes production even more efficient: it saves double work; later reprints and changes cost much less time; and you can easily use the information in the database for your webshop.

Multilingual for greater efficiency

Talking of efficiency, Floramedia is also an expert in multilingual catalogues. We have developed our own special database solution, complete with an online translation tool. Translators all over the world can simply log in and work on the relevant language in the system. That way, we can produce, edit and integrate all language versions of your catalogue at once, even if its hundreds of pages in dozens of languages!

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