Achieve more sales

with appealing packaging

Your product is the result of careful cultivation and growth. But how can you present it in such a way that it sells better and strengthens your market position? Our advice is to start with the packaging! Successful packaging not only offers protection during transportation and in store, it also attractively presents your plants, seeds or bulbs to the consumer. Our packaging solutions will set your product apart from the competition, which is especially important in a crowded sales arena where first impressions really count. For those that have made the switch to online mail order sales it is even more important where your delicate products need to arrive safe and secure and in top condition at the consumer’s door!

Let the packaging do the work

What is it that makes packaging grab customers’ attention? For starters, quite different rules apply to packaging than to advertisements and posters. Packaging has limited space, so everything you communicate has to be effective. The design should be eye-catching and inspirational for customers. It should be easy to recognise and easy to scale up across products and categories to ensure all your products work together and stand out with a strong brand identity. We create bespoke packaging solutions that will save on material costs and sell your products by first evaluating your existing marketing and branding, production processes, logistics and in-store display requirements.

the start of any
successful product
effective communication
within a limited space
suits your brand
and attracts the consumer
at home in
all green markets

The packaging that suits you and your customers

Once you have a strong packaging design, there is still a way to go before your ready-made packaging is finished. Packaging production calls for a lot of expertise, and we have plenty of that at Floramedia. For years we have been producing clever, striking and workable packaging for the green sector. In doing so, we take into consideration all of your requests and requirements. The most important question is: how can we ensure your plants, bulbs and seeds leave your nursery and reach your customers safely and in perfect condition? And how can we present your products as inexpensively and attractively as possible? As we know just what consumers take into consideration when making their purchases, we always arrive at a unique solution that moves your business forward.

A tailored solution for every client

It goes without saying that client logistics and production are central in developing our packaging solutions. We always use the latest technology to make your packaging as advanced as possible so you can package and transport your products with as little handling as possible and load them optimally.

And the look and feel? That’s up to you. Not only can you choose from all kinds of cardboard and plastic, but we also offer finishes such as special lamination, foil stamping and varnishes too. Whether you are looking for small secondary packaging, or luxury gift packaging, we convert your requirements into functional, creative and innovative customised solutions. Just what you’re looking for? Call us! We are up for the challenge…

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