Lifelike photos of your plants

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Photography is one of the cornerstones of plant marketing. A good photo of your product really pays off. In general, plants do not look their best at the time of sale. They may not be in bloom, or they may be sold as bulbs – then there really isn’t anything to see. Apple trees in garden centres usually don’t bear apples, and in autumn, perennial plants are usually dormant. Photos are the ideal way to bring your assortment to life, inform customers and, of course, inspire them to put your products in their gardens.

At Floramedia, we specialise in plant and flower photography. We know the tricks of the trade to get the lighting, colours, and composition just right and true to the cultivar in question. Our customers appreciate what we do. We currently photograph 11,000 to 13,000 plants each year!

a good photo
pays off
your customers
plant and flower
photography specialist
11.000 to 13.000 plants
photographed annually

Floramedia Picture Garden and Studio

In the Floramedia Nursery Picture Garden we have the space to grow some 1,200 species and cultivars each year, monitoring them at every stage to ensure we can photograph them at their peak of beauty. This means your plant labels and promotional material will look their very best. This year alone we have grown an extensive range of cut flowers, vegetables, perennials, bedding and basket plants and much more, ready for your merchandising needs.

Alongside the Picture Garden, we have access to our own photographic glasshouse studio, so we can take pictures in every season no matter the weather. Our specialist photography department consists of horticultural engineers, expert growers, photographers, stylists and printing experts.

Floramedia Picture Library

The Floramedia Picture Library is the world-leading botanical image database. Tour the gallery now and search more than 220,000 stock photos, guaranteed to enhance your plant products and merchandising materials.

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