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A clear strategy and innovative design form an important foundation from which your brand or product’s market position can be strengthened. Strong, creative concepts will ensure that you stand out and better define yourself in a competitive market.

Floramedia has a proven track record in developing strong product and shop floor concepts that ensure our customers can grow. It is our mission with every project we work on to “grow your business” with a strong brand identity.


When initiating a communications project, the collaboration begins by determining the strategy.

Together, we will draw up a brand description. What is your unique identity? Where do you want to take the brand? What are your ambitions? Or, more generally: who do you want to reach and what is it that affects this target group? From the answers to all these questions, we distil a core premise that you can use to stand out from the rest of the market.


A popular shop begins with a concept, a basic idea. Shopping is not the same as doing the groceries. Shopping is supposed to be fun! Consumers expect a certain atmosphere in shops and on top of that, variety, wonder, attention and feedback. In short, entertainment from the front door to the checkout.

Together with our customers, we develop shop formulas that are a hit with consumers.


Utilise the power of design:
Strong design and clear communication reinforce your product. You do your best to create a perfect product: the ideal vegetable, a beautiful plant, fertile seeds or strong bulbs. But establishing a top quality product is just the start. To realise a distinctive visual identity, a unique design and clear concept is needed. Our design products range from labels, packaging and sales leaflets up to full shop displays. We can produce every type of promotional material imaginable, all in line with your brand or corporate identity. A strong brand and the right brand image help your products better impact the minds of consumers and therefore your penetration of the market.


We are always impressed with the entrepreneurial approach and innovation that comes out of the people and businesses in the sector we serve. Traditionally plant breeders and seed producers have been pushing the envelope for centuries, not only in regards to the products themselves, but also in packaging and marketing their products. With more than 90 years experience behind us, Floramedia can take things even further.


We develop the basic ideas for marketing and communication projects in close collaboration with our clients. We delve into your brand’s distinctive values and its unique identity, and try to encapsulate its central message in a single, concise sentence. The corporate statement is linked to the brand identity, and everything that we develop from that point on must be in line with it.

Floramedia’s in-house specialists can help you make a difference in the market. Let our creative team inspire and surprise you; you will see that they can quickly provide new insights that will forever change your company, brand and product!


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Floramedia understands the power of plants to connect people, unite cultures and enrich daily life. We stand today as one of the world’s leading producers of successful plant marketing and communications. Breeders, growers nurseries and garden retailers have been welcoming Floramedia and its products and services into their companies for more than 90 years.

And so we proudly invite you to explore our four worlds.


The right image makes all the difference! If you want your product to stand out, stunning photography is essential. This holds true whether you print it on your label, pot cover, POS or packaging. It’s even more crucial if you want to stand out online.

Consumers are increasingly seeking more information about the products they buy. For plants, they are particularly interested in flowering period, care advice, feed information and pruning. With the rise in Grow Your Own, they also want recipe ideas for the edible products they buy. We have all this information and more.

Images and information is where Floramedia Can make a difference.


Online services are increasingly integrating into our daily lives. In this digital age, to stand still is to fall behind.

If you want to stand out in the market, your company needs to attract a digital audience and Floramedia can help! We create, design, build and implement webshops and websites for our customers.



If you are looking for unique and innovative printed media, then Floramedia has what you need! We ensure that your products stand out from the competition. Our high-quality printed media, displaying the right images and information, truly makes a world of difference.

Our bespoke printing equipment and expertise allows us to cater to all requirements. From enormous print runs to small volumes, as well as fast track options for on-demand products, we oversee the process in-house, from design to finish.


Our company and staff are deeply involved in the welfare and success of our customers, which makes doing business with Floramedia both memorable and beneficial. Floramedia offers plant marketing and  communication solutions with a direct and efficient service.

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