Determining your marketing strategy in collaboration


When initiating a communications project, the collaboration begins by determining the strategy.

Together, we will draw up a brand description. What is your unique identity? Where do you want to take the brand? What are your ambitions? Or, more generally: who do you want to reach and what is it that affects this target group? From the answers to all these questions, we distil a core premise that you can use to stand out from the rest of the market. See the process stages below.

who do you want to reach?
what affects
your target group?
market research
and strategy
taking steps
towards success

Marketing – Getting to work based on a strong idea

Successful marketing requires a strong basic idea, a central concept that can be recognisably used in all your marketing and communication. It goes without saying that this central philosophy, which is powerfully summarised in a motto or mission statement, is also distinctive. Your business deserves its own place in the retail landscape.

Design – Visual identity in the shop

With a clear marketing message and ideas for brand identity in place, it is time to give shape to your visual identity in the actual environment in which your brands and the customer come together. We design the various parts of the shop formula ensuring they remain in harmony with each other. Brand image, house style, POS materials, signage, wall dressing and even scents… everything will work together to build up your brand and create an atmosphere in which every customer will say “I recognise this, this is my shop.”

Physical implementation – There’s work to do

We take the sketches and designs ‘on paper’, or rather in the virtual world of the computer, and translate them into the reality of the shop. This is no small feat, because it involves directing others, but we enjoy playing a coordinating role. Floramedia has a large network of shop element suppliers, shelf builders, interior decorators, POS material producers and other professionals. We will make sure that your brand is seen.

Evaluation – Continuing to think of ways to evolve

A successful shop brand should evolve with developments in the market and the needs of the customer. In order to give your brand a certain amount of core stability, the core brand guidelines are set out in a design & brand manual. At the same time, we remain flexible enough to make adjustments as circumstances require. We also further translate your brand in other expressions, such as a webshop, bespoke labels and POS, trade stand designs and by way of spinoff brands, e.g. satellite shops. The future belongs to those who are best able to adapt to their surroundings, and in our hands, your brand will be one of the fittest that not only survives, but also thrives.

Market Research – More than 90 years’ experience in the green market at your fingertips

If there is anyone who understands the developments and trends within your market, it is Floramedia. We have been active in the horticulture sector since 1924 and work with a huge range of customers and partners, both here in the UK and further afield.

A clear impression

Thanks to our extensive experience and our quick response to market changes, we can provide you with a clear impression of the current state of the market in relation to your company. We are always ready to make relevant, concise recommendations, which are ready for immediate implementation.

Growing and blooming

Knowledge is power; it is a crucial ingredient for success. Our investigators and analysts ensure that you know more than your competitors so that you stay one step ahead of the market. Competitive advantages lead to growth, and helping you to grow is our mission and objective.
To that end, we employ:
• market research
• trend research
• target group studies
• competition analyses
• customer feedback
• qualitative research

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