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The material you use can say a lot about your product or brand identity and often this is not thought about enough. From luxury materials that give a premium look and feel, to those that are more natural and designed to lend an authentic air – we work with a vast array of materials and will always help you select the best choice for your project. If you are looking for a more sustainable solution our range of alternative materials can help reduce the amount of raw ‘virgin’ plastics used in your products.

Read on for more information on our most commonly used materials.

Cardboard & paper

We have cardboard and paper in all shapes and sizes, and we are fully FSC® certified. This international independent certification is awarded to show that materials for wood and paper products originate from responsibly managed forests with due consideration for the people and animals that are dependent on the forest.

Natural fibre


This sturdy fibre based board with a bio coating is the perfect choice if you are looking for a fully biodegradable waterproof material. B500 is FSC certified.
Recyclability: Biodegradable

Read a testimonial of one-off our satisfied customers about B500:

Hairy Plant Pot Company – Kirton Farm – Testimonial

Sustainability is crucial and a key driver for us at the Hairy Pot Company and that’s why we look across our whole business to minimise environmental impact as much as possible. We turned to Floramedia to help us find an alternative to plastic plant labels and have recently completed a successful trial of a material from their FloraEco range.

B500 performed better than expected for us and as a natural Fibre Based material, which is FSC certified, we know it has been sourced responsibly. After 19 weeks we are very happy with the results. Although it is biodegradable the board is thick and lasts well for our purpose and the print quality is excellent.

By switching to B500 for our labels we take one further step towards reducing plastic use and will continue to work with companies such as Floramedia who offer informed options and seek out advancements, new materials and products in this continually changing world.

Derek Taylor, Owner Kirton Farm Nurseries Ltd

Bio plastic


Are you looking for an environmentally friendly substrate that is produced from a sustainable source? Then this high-quality biobased material is ideal. It looks like plastic, is not biodegradable and is 100% recyclable.
Recyclability: 100% recyclable.
ECO35 can be mixed in the plastic waste stream with LDPE, HDPE, HDPE and PP. The capabilities of recycling facilities vary from region to region.


Polypropylene (PP)

This highly tear-resistant material is often used for click labels and labels that have to be folded. We have three standard thicknesses: 0.28mm, 0.39mm and 0.48mm.
Recyclability: 100% recyclable.
The capabilities of recycling facilities vary from region to region.


Polystyrene (PS)

We recommend polystyrene for push-in labels. The advantage of polystyrene is that it is very stiff, so can be easily pushed into the compost directly. It is available in thicknesses of 0.39mm or 0.48mm.
Recyclability: 100% recyclable.
The capabilities of recycling facilities vary from region to region.


Recycled Plastics (RPP & RPS)

Recycled Polypropylene (RPP) & Recycled Polystyrene (RPS) No new granulate (raw virgin plastic) is used to make our RPP and RPS.

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