Are you looking for
professional photography facilities?

Is 1 hectare enough space?

Floramedia uniquely offers its own photography location, with no less than 1 hectare of greenhouse and nursery, plus a daylight and low-key photo studio, where we photograph our own plants and those of our customers. At our photo studio we can create photos of your plants in the most optimum conditions and under the most natural circumstances. Professional close-ups, lifestyle and atmospheric shots of your products, all taken under the watchful eye of our dedicated team of professionals, including botanic experts, photographers and stylists.

At Boskoop we have:
● an approx. 1,500m2 greenhouse
● a 4,000m2 container nursery
● 2 photo studios (low-key/daylight)
● 3 photographers
● 1 gardener
● 1 landscape architect
● 1 horticultural engineer

photography studio
over 1 hectare: greenhouse,
nursery and low-key studio
optimal conditions for all
your product photography
impressive team
of professionals
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