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A popular shop begins with a concept, a basic idea. Shopping is not the same as doing the groceries. Shopping is supposed to be fun! Consumers expect a certain atmosphere in shops and on top of that, variety, wonder, attention and feedback. In short, entertainment from the front door to the checkout.

Together with our customers, we develop shop formulas that are a hit with consumers.

the base of success:
the proper retail formula
a vast treasure of experience
working with plant retailers
direct your customer’s
shopping flow
the devil is
in the details

The customer journey – an adventure with a smart guide

In their journey through the shop, consumers are almost subconsciously guided and influenced by in-shop communication. Different categories flow logically into each other and hold customers’ attention and the interior informs and guides customers with a low-key, trustworthy tone. We work to let your customers follow a certain flow that is intelligently directed and distraction free.

Everything under control

Floramedia has helped countless plant and garden retailers optimise their outlets with intelligent routing, modern sales islands, attractive furnishings and clear product presentation, together with all the associated printed materials, including ceiling hangers, signs and tiny electronic price cards.

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