White paper on sustainable materials for Plant Labels

Floramedia has launched its first whitepaper: OUR GREEN WHITE PAPER – Sustainable materials for plant labels. By sharing our knowledge, we want to give the green sector better insight into the sustainable possibilities and the alternative materials that we have available for plant labels.

Sustainability in the green sector

This is the first time that we have our policy, objectives and knowledge with regard to sustainable materials in one document. By publishing the whitepaper, we want to help the green market move towards more sustainability and greater environmental awareness.

Content of the whitepaper

Is recycling or degrading a better solution? What is the difference between a bio-plastic and a bio-based plastic? In what way does waste disposal contribute? And are all sustainable materials suitable for plant labels? Our whitepaper answers these questions and takes a more in-depth look at the various options and terms surrounding sustainability.

#CHANGE: Make green greener

OUR GREEN WHITE PAPER is published in five different languages ​​(Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish) and is available free of charge in a printed and digital version.

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Four sustainable alternatives
For greener horticulture
Recyclable or
Materials for plant labels
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